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Although born and raised in the age of hip hop and other popular music, I gravitated to the music of my parents' and grandparents' generations.  And so I am a product of those influences.  I am a house built on a gospel and blues foundation.  This house has many rooms filled with R&B, Soul, Rock, Folk, Country, Reggae, Jazz and other genres.

~ Junior Wilson



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A native of New Kent County, VA, Junior Wilson was born into a family rooted in Gospel and the Blues. Junior Wilson's mother was a local gospel singer through his family church and his father a musician and bassist who played gigs across the Hampton Roads region of Virginia in his spare time. Mentored by his father, Junior Wilson began playing anything that made noise and at about the age of 12 began a love affair with a guitar given to him by his father. Influenced by the sounds of the church, accompanying his father on gigs, and generally the music of his parents' generation, Junior gravitated towards legendary artists such as Otis Redding, Bobby Womack, Robert Cray, Bob Marley and countless others . Under the influence of such great artist, Junior Wilson has become a musician, singer, and songwriter with what can be coined as a "gospel, blues, folk rock, and soul" sound. 



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